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  • Sample report of a feasibility study


    Project Name: 54' x 24' Addition design investigation


    I. Introduction

    II. Background & History

    III. References

    I. Introduction

    A preliminary engineering investigation has been undertaken to address the proposed
    54' x 24' addition. This report is limited in scope to the structural and foundation
    requirements. Design is based upon loadings prescribed by the State Building Code;

    Roof Dead 3 psf
    Roof snow 30 psf
    Wind 80 mph Exposure B
    Seismic Zone 1

    Per State Code, this is a Class 1 Structure requiring submittal to the State Building
    Commissioner for code compliance review.

    II. Background & History

    The addition is to fill in an area surrounded by three existing metal building structures.
    The Owner currently occupies the buildings.

    IIl. Referenced Documents:

    1) Partial site plan - provided by customer.

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