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  • Sample of a structural inspection


    I. Descriptions:

    A. Inspection was carried out on Tuesday. The structure is a two storey
    residential wood framed house on a stone foundation and Michigan
    basement. Age is approximately 80 years. The house is located on
    a city lot, approximately one quarter acre or less.

    II. Observations:

    A. Overall squareness and plumbness is good. Roofing, siding and trim is in
    generally good condition.

    Main first floor beam (viewable in basement) has damage from a previous
    pest infestation. There is a portion of this beam with great enough damage
    that some repair is necessary. This portion extends out approximately 10'
    from the bearing point on the foundation wall.

    Both first floor beams show some splitting where the floor joist bear in
    beam notches. Reinforcement of these areas is necessary.

    Some curling of ceiling panels was observed in kitchen, above stove. Cause
    of this is not readily apparent. Area showed no staining at time of inspection.

    At roof step down to sun room, facial boaDr is exposed.

    B. Condition of house is generally good.

    C. Observable portions of foundation did not show excessive cracking or
    movement. Crumbling mortar was present in a few areas, but not to
    an extent that compromises structural integrity.

    D. Roof planes showed only modest sagging, The framing members were not
    viewable due to lack of attic access, but the generally good shape of the roofs
    indicate that rafters/trusses are performing adequately.

    III. Action Items:

    A. Required Repairs:

    First floor beams: Infestation damaged region will require repair for structural
    stability. This beam also has large horizontal splitting across the center region,
    requiring repair.

    The other first floor beam shows minor splitting at 2 or 3 joist pockets. These
    areas should be reinforced in some manner, for stability.

    The design of exact repairs is not within the scope of this inspection. Due
    to the complexity and location of the damage, a site meeting between the engineer
    and a licensed contractor is required prior to designing a cure.

    B. Recommended repairs:

    Application of new mortar in foundation areas where voids exist will extend
    its service life.

    Flashing at roof step down to sun room is recommended to prevent decay.

    Installation of an attic scuttle is recommended.

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