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  • Sample of a code review

    Code review for State structural loading requirements:

    Project: 126' x 569' x 13' building.
    Code: 2000 Michigan Building Code (MBC).

    Code applicability for agricultural buildings:

    302.1 MBC - Requires that all structures be classified in one of the occupancy
    classes described in ch. 3 MBC. The best fit class for livestock
    structures is Group U - Utility structures, in which "agricultural
    buildings", and "livestock shelters" are listed.

    312.1 MBC - States that Group U structures are to be constructed in conformance
    with the provisions of the the MBC.

    Type of Construction: Type II-B noncombustible, unprotected. Table 503 MBC
    limits Group U buildings to 8500 sq. ft, if non-sprinkled. 503.1.2 MBC exempts
    certain buildings that house low hazaDr industrial processes and require large
    areas to accommodate special equipment. This exemption is likely the best code
    provision to avoid the need for sprinkler systems.

    Accessibility: Per 1103.2.5; Group U buildings are exempt from accessibility
    requirements except that access is required to paved work areas, and areas open
    to the public.

    Design criteria summary for agricultural buildings , State of Michigan:

    Code: 2000 Michigan Building Code
    Occupancy: U
    Type of Construction: II-B
    Dead load: Per building manufacturer
    Ground snow load: (see map) psf
    Roof snow load: (see chart) psf
    Ce = 1.0
    Ct = 1.2
    Is = 0.8 (snow importance factor)
    Live load: 20 psf purlins
    12 psf frames
    Dead+Live roof member deflection limit = L/180
    Wind load: 90 mph (Exposure typically C)
    Iw = 0.87 (wind importance factor)

    Seismic: Ss: .15
    S1: .06
    Design Category: B
    Site Class: D (unless soil tests determine otherwise)
    Seismic Use Group: I
    Ie: 1.00 (seismic importance factor)

    Ground snow Roof snow
    psf (from map) psf
    20 16.0
    25 16.8
    30 20.2
    35 23.5
    40 26.9
    50 33.6
    60 40.3
    70 47.1
    80 53.8
    90 60.5
    100 67.2

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