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  • Sample of a code review

    Code review for Ohio structural loading requirements:

    Project: 122' x 220' x 14' building.
    Code: 1998 Ohio Basic Building Code (OBBC) as called for by the
    Ohio Revised Code (ORC).

    Code applicability for agricultural buildings:

    3781.10 ORC - Authorizes the adoption of the OBBC.

    3781.01 ORC - Allows for local authorities to make further and additional
    regulations over and above OBBC provisions.

    3781.06 ORC - Exempts agricultural buildings from all provisions of OBBC,
    provided that the structure is not to be used for retail sales.

    Based upon the local authority's ability to regulate zoning (303.17 ORC), and
    the above provision for additional regulatory discretion, we advise that the local
    authority (township, county, as applicable) be consulted to verify that a given
    project is indeed exempt from OBBC. If they agree that it is exempt, the local
    authority should be asked if they will be requiring any particular structural loads.

    The Code is unclear as to whether local authority can override the agricultural
    exemption. The 'further and additional" clause is limited to regulations that
    do not conflict with the Code. (3781.01 ORC). Declaring a non-retail agricultural
    building non-exempt would seem to conflict with the Code.

    OBBC provisions for non-exempt agricultural buildings:

    In cases where an agricultural building is not considered exempt from OBBC;

    Building Occupancy: 312.0 OBBC - States that livestock shelters are to be classified
    as Use Group U.

    Type of Construction: Type 2C noncombustible, unprotected. 507.1 OBBC (5)
    allows unlimited area for Type 2 agricultural.

    Design criteria summary for agricultural buildings , State of Ohio:

    Code: 1998 OBBC
    Occupancy: U
    Type of Construction: 2C
    Dead load: Per building manufacturer
    Snow load: 14 psf
    Live load: 16 psf purlins (for 4:12 min. roof slopes)
    12 psf frames
    Wind load: 80 mph (Exposure to be determined accoDring to site)
    I = 0.90 (wind importance factor)

    Seismic: Av: 0.07
    Aa: 0.07
    HazaDr Exposure Group: I
    Performance Category: B
    Soil Profile Type: S4
    Framing: OMRF / CBF
    R: 4.5 / 5.0
    Cd: 4.0 / 4.5
    Procedure: Equivalent lateral force

    Note: Local authorities may override some of these loading requirements. Above
    data is appropriate for Ohio locations which do not have any special or increased

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