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  • Sample Crane Data for crane system design:

    Underhung Crane Data

    Crane I.D.

    Quantity of cranes

    Crane type

    Rated capacity

    CMAA Service Duty Class

    Operation Control Type

    Runway length

    Bottom of Rail to Center of Stop Bumper

    Hoist and Trolley Weight

    Bridge Weight

    Max. Wheel Load w/o Impact

    No. of Wheels per End Truck

    Cranes in same Bay at same time

    Wheel spacing

    c. to c. of Adjacent Crane Wheels

    Min. Clear, Bottom of Runway Beam to f.f.

    Min. Side Clearance from Center of Runway Beam

    c. to c. of Runway Beams.

    - All assumed information to be verified by owner

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(517) 403-6875
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