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  • Foundation Inspection - Manufactured Housing:

    Location: 123 Maple St.
    Jackson County

    Performed for: ABC Mortgage
    Hillsdale County

    Submitted by
    Thomas R. Price P.E.

    SS Project No. 00-333
    Contents: P. 1-3

    I. Descriptions:

    1) Inspection was carried out on 1/22/00. This inspection is limited to the foundation.
    The structure is a one storey residential modular house on a crawl space, and is
    rectangular in plan. Age is unknown, but it appears to have been installed 20 or more
    years ago. The house is located on a city lot, approximately one quarter acre or less.

    II. Observations:

    The ability to observe this foundation is limited, due to the inability to view
    the buried portions, and the inability to get inside the crawl region.

    The house appeared generally level. The floor areas visible through windows
    did not appear to be significantly out of level, however, we were not able to
    gain access to walk and observe the inside.

    Based upon what was observable, the foundation is performing adequately.
    However, there are some important issues which could lead to future problems;

    1) There are significant gaps between the house framing and the top of the foundation
    at along the north and south ends. These are large enough to put a hand through.
    This would not be considered acceptable under the building code, however, acceptable
    repair procedures should be fairly minor. It also raises questions regarding the
    attachment of the house to the foundation -
    which could not be verified since the fastening points were not visible. The
    material apparently used to seal this area, approximately 1" thick masonry
    plates, or mortar, is cracked and spalling off in many areas. The anchorage
    points could be checked during the repair procedure.

    2) Some evidence of rot, or perhaps other deterioration, was observed at the
    southwest corner, in the wood perimeter plate. This is likely related to the
    gaps discussed in (1). Furthermore, there may be other areas deteriorating, but
    were not visible.

    3) Two areas along the perimeter had exterior soils piled up to and above the
    wood perimeter plate. This can lead directly to rot, and pest infestation.
    We note here that a pest inspection by an appropriate professional would be

    III. Summary:
    The foundation is currently performing reasonably well based on what was visible
    and observable at the time of inspection. There are, however important maintenance
    items that must be addresses in order to avoid future problems.
    IV. Follow-up:

    On 1/23/00 a second inspection was carried out to review repairs work. Comments
    regarding items 1), 2), & 3) of 1/22/00 report are as follows:

    1) Suitable materials have been installed in the areas of concern to seal off gaps.

    2) Observed that replacement perimeter plate has been installed, and the boaDr
    showing evidence of rot has been replaced.

    3) Soil materials were not yet removed. This is routine maintenance item for
    any building, and it is advisable to remove soil sufficiently to keep it a few inches
    below the lowest wood framing member.

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