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  • Foundation Inspection - Pre-Engineered Modular Home:


    Location: 789 Jackson
    Branch County

    Performed for: ABC Mortgage Co.

    Submitted by
    Thomas R. Price P.E.

    SS Project No. 01-001
    Contents: P. 1-2

    I. Descriptions: 2 of 2

    Inspection was carried out on 6/12/01. This inspection is limited to the foundation,
    and attachment of the structure to the foundation.

    The structure is a one storey residential modular house on a crawl space, and is
    rectangular in plan. Age is unknown, but it appears to have been fairly new
    construction, probably 10 years or less. The house is located on a city lot.

    II. Observations:

    The ability to observe this foundation is limited, due to the inability to view
    the buried portions. The crawl area was accessed, and viewed with a flashlight.
    It is our understanding that the poured footings were made 4 feet deep. We were able
    to confirm that roughly 18" square concrete footings exist at the locations of the tie
    down straps. These tie downs are attached to the footings with bolts embedded into
    the concrete. Masonry block piers extend up from the footings to the under side of
    the main floor beams and provide appropriate support. The spacings of the piers were
    such that the floor beam spans were not excessive.

    The house appeared generally level. The floor areas were walked and were firm and
    level throughout.

    Based upon what was observable, the foundation is performing adequately, and
    is in substantial compliance with Michigan Building Code provisions.

    No repair work is deemed necessary from our inspections.

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