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  • Structural Inspection - Old House:


    Location: 878787 Pine St.
    Branch County, MI

    Performed for: Owner

    Submitted by

    Thomas R. Price P.E.

    SS Project No. 00-146
    Contents: P. 1-3

    I. Descriptions: 2 of 3

    Inspection was carried out on 9/21/00, at the request of the owner, to determine if
    any major structural problems exist. The inspection was limited to portions of the house which were visible. No finish materials were removed to view structural
    framing directly. The roof framing was generally visible in the attic, and the crawl
    area was viewed through an opening in the perimeter wall.

    The structure is a one storey residential house on a crawl space, and is rectangular in
    plan. Age is approximately 50 years. The house is located on a lake lot, with septic

    II. Observations:

    The house was fairly square and plumb, with some minor distortions

    The ridge of the roof is supported by 2” x 6” boaDrs at approximate 8’ spacings,
    bearing upon the continuous center wall of the house. similar additional members
    should be installed at 16” o.c. all along the length of the house. The rafter members
    appeared to be 2” x 4”. These may be overspanned by today’s Michigan Building

    The exterior sheathing is boaDrs nailed flat, edge to edge. Some areas of the sheathing
    showed signs of deterioration and shrinkage. Any replacement of sheathing should
    include the removal of the existing. Wall studs should be inspected for deterioration
    while the sheathing is off. Replace or reinforce any damaged studs. An inspection
    for pest infestation would be most effective during sheathing removal.

    The moisture present in the crawl area is likely groundwater. Due to the close
    proximity to the lake, and the crawl surface being only a few feet above the lake level,
    moisture is seeping to the surface. It is possible that the septic field adjacent to the
    house is adding to (or causing) the problem. However, no evidence of septic failure
    was present - the ground over the field was fairly firm and dry. (Location of field
    was described by owner).

    It is possible that the foundation is shallow enough that some heave and movement
    must be expected. I was informed that one corner of the foundation had dropped
    significantly, some years ago, and was repaired. Generally the foundation looked
    to be in fairly good condition. Underpinning the foundation at appropriate intervals
    around the perimeter would be good assurance against future foundation heave.

    III. Conclusions: 3 of 3

    It is reasonable to consider renovating the house, provided steps are taken as
    described above, to strengthen the roof and the foundation, as well as reviewing
    structural members once they are exposed. The roof reinforcing is probably a must,
    whereas the foundation situation appears somewhat less critical. If the crawl area
    moisture worsens over time, it would become necessary to install a sump crock.

    The findings in this report represent the professional opinions of the author based
    upon information observable at the time of inspection, and do not constitute a
    warranty of any kind. Retrofitting any older structure comes with the risk of
    unexpected costs and potential problems developing as the work proceeds.

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