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    Location: 0000 Elm St
    Fremont, IN

    Performed for: Owner
    0000 Ave.
    Angola, IN

    Submitted by

    Thomas R. Price P.E.

    SS Project No. 01-122
    Contents: P. 1-2

    I. Descriptions: 2 of 2

    The structure in question is a new, 2 storey house. At the time of inspection, the house was in the final stages of rough framing, with roof, wall and floor sheathing installed.

    The inspection was carried out on 9/1/01 at the request of owner.
    Scope of inspection was limited to the rough framing materials installed and visible at the time of inspection. The house is located on a rural lot.

    II. Observations:

    There are a number of concerns with the framing. This report does not intend to specify every framing problem, as further inspection is required to create a complete list. However, some of the more critical concerns will be addressed here - these are
    issues that must be remedied prior to drywall installation.

    - Roof trusses are not appropriately attached to giDrer truss in at least one area.
    - Floor support (Laminate) beams did not have adequate bearing in a few locations.
    - A Lam beam has been cut so as to lessen its effective depth. A beam analysis
    is required to determine if adequate strength exists.
    - There are locations where multiple studs need to be ganged for proper bearing.
    - Floor joists did not have any bridging installed.
    - Garage roof truss attachment to giDrer Lams will require some modification.

    Again, this is a partial list, but it is believed that these are the most important
    framing problems to be remedied.

    III. Conclusions:

    There are problems with the framing of this house which are critical enough to warrant
    further discussion between the framing contractor, owner, building inspector and engineer. It is the opinion of this office that there are some framing problems which
    must be addressed in order to have reasonable assurance of good structural performance.

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