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  • STRUCTURAL INSPECTION - Masonry Wall Repair

    I. Purpose of Investigation:

    At the request of the owner's representative, we performed an inspection and structural
    investigation of a damaged and leaning exterior (east) masonry wall, and some interior
    masonry partition walls which are leaning out from columns that are to provide lateral

    The purpose is to create a repair design for the existing walls, and to create a standaDr
    design for future interior partition wall installations.

    II. Description of Building:

    The building is a one storey, steel framed industrial structure with non-load bearing
    masonry exterior walls and interior partition walls. Age is approximately 40 years.
    The current facility use is generally industrial equipment storage.

    III. Recommendations:

    East wall - must be brought back into plumb, and stiffened with bond beam and girt.
    The attached design sketches show details for this repair.

    Interior partition walls - some of the existing walls require the installation of column
    clips for stability. Existing walls should be re-plumbed prior to installing clips. The
    attached design sketches show proper details for these interior walls in general as well.

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