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  • Sample report of a structural investigation - Snow drift surcharge load

    BUILDING INVESTIGATION - Check existing building for additional snow drift

    Project Name: Boiler Room Building

    Project Location:

    Submitted by Thomas R. Price P.E., of Structural Solutions LLC, a licensed professional engineer

    I. Purpose of Investigation:

    Due to adjacent new building construction, the boiler room structure must be checked for its ability to withstand code required roof snow drift loads. This report summarizes the results of our structural evaluation.

    II. Description of Building:

    The building in question is a pre-engineered metal building system manufactured by a n AISC MB certified producer, designed to Metal Building Manufacturers Association specification. Dimensions are 40’ x 30’ x 22’ low eave, single slope 1: 12 roof.

    III. History:

    Pre-engineered metal building system drawings were not available, however exposed framing allowed most necessary measurements to be made in the field.

    IV. Referenced Documents:


    V. Field Observations and Notes:

    Field inspection took place between 2 and 4 PM. Note: measurements of web thickness for many members was not undertaken, as no means to do so was available.

    VI. Investigation Results:

    Roof panels: OK

    Purlins: OK

    Endwall rafters & columns: OK (Lines 1 & 3)

    Rigid frame: Reinforcement needed. (Line 2). See p. 7, 8. Note: the web stiffeners and diagonal stiffeners shown, can be avoided if it can be verified that the frame web thicknesses meet or exceed the minimum thicknesses called out on p. 8. All other reinforcement shown is still necessary.

    Foundations: Loading increases are shown on p. 9. Since no foundation information is available, an evaluation can not be made at this time. The load increases are significant enough that soil pressures may exceed allowables during drift load conditions. It is advisable to have these foundation loadings reviewed by the geotechnical engineer.

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