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  • Sample report of a beam investigation


    I. Purpose of Investigation: 1 of 3

    Investigate existing W36X150 beam to determine whether it is adequate to support
    proposed addition of 2 - 2 ton capacity monorail hoists.

    II. Description of Building:

    The building in question is a garage structure, 60' wide x 70' long, approx. 10' eave,
    with 12:12+/- roof pitch, symmetric gable. Roof framing is vaulted. A second floor,
    60' x 42' exists, with residential occupancy applicable.

    III. History:

    Building built approximately 1998-1999.

    IV. Referenced Documents:

    Steel Mill Certification for W27X129 beam.

    V. Field Observations and Notes:

    Field inspection took place Tuesday. Due to lack of complete original drawings, and
    concealment of some structural elements due to finish materials, certain assumptions
    must be made in checking the beam.

    VI. Investigation Results:

    The 2 - 2 ton hoists acting alone, take up 12% of the beam's capacity. Due to code
    provisions allowing a the roof load to be reduced when combining with hoist forces,
    the net increase in demand on the beam's capacity is 7.5%.

    In considering the applicable code prescribed load combinations for roof, floor,
    and hoist loads;

    For 50 ksi steel, the beam is stressed to 87.5% of its capacity. Per Mill Certification
    provided by beam supplier, the beam can be considered 50 ksi steel.

    V. Recommendations:

    The W27X129 beam and TS12X4X3/8 support column have adequate capacity to
    support the installation of two 2-ton hoist as described herein. Hoist manufacturer
    should be consulted for suitability of A36 steel to act as wearing surface for hoist

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